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These are the terms and conditions for visitors who use this website. Conditions and disclaimer for this site is to be observed are as follows:

  1. Admin is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of content in this website.
  2. Opinions presented in this blog are solely from individual point of views and not the views of others. Anyone interested to refer to the sample provided in this website are always welcome.
  3. All itinerary examples found in this website are based on site admin’s experience and reading. It is up to the reader to modify the sample itinerary to suit your events.
  4. It should be emphasized that all the samples of itinerary displayed in this website is solely the opinion of admin. It is not a mandatory requirement or must be implemented in your event. Admin will not responsible in any circumstances occur during you events if your are using the sample from this website.
  5. Admin site is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information found by following / clicked through the third party link on this website.
  6. In this web site may carry advertising from third parties that have links to their own websites. You should refer to these websites for more information on advertisers and products and / or services rendered.
  7. In some instances, these ads may have an offer you can accept by linking to the advertiser’s site and follow the instructions. Such offers are not made by the site admin and advertiser is solely responsible for the offers made include the delivery of any goods or services you purchase from third party websites.
  8. If we recommend a product or a person or an individual, does not mean we know everything about the party. So, if a party is guilty of fraud or the like, the buyer itself to deal with the same. It is beyond our control and responsibility for all products and services.
  9. This policy may be changed at any time by consent of the site owner (admin of

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